Dinner for one

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Lauri Wylie

Richard Clodfelter

Richard Clodfelter and Laurie Dawn return to the German stage this holiday season in a delightful new adaptation of the New Year's Eve Classic, DINNER FOR ONE. They will be joined onstage by the acclaimed jazz composer and pianist, Paul Flush both a concert and jazz pianist.

The project is the brain-child of veteran English-language theater producer Grantly Marshall, and will be presented through his celebrated theater company, The American Drama Group Europe. The three artists, who together bring almost a century's worth of performance experience to the new collaboration, ("Yes-- but we all started when we were very young!" says Clodfelter) will perform a limited number of engagements.

Szene aus Dinner for one

Für diese Vorstellung sind Bestellungen über das Internet leider noch nicht möglich. Bitte rufen Sie die Billettkasse des Opernhauses an unter:
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MO-SA, 11:30-18:00
Szene aus Dinner for one


Donnerstag, 27.12.2012