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Aldous Huxley

Paul Stebbings

The most extraordinary science fiction satire of the century comes to the stage in a new adaptation by TNT BRITAIN . Aldous Huxley wrote BRAVE NEW WORLD in 1931 and predicted a future where pain, old age, unemployment, poverty, crime and war have been abolished but so too have the family, culture, books, love and individual choice.

But unlike so many dark future visions, Huxley’s world is not held together by dictatorship. His world is founded on genetic engineering and human cloning and the population is seduced with beguiling mix of casual sex, high fashion, bizarre sport, Virtual Reality movies and government narcotics. Huxley sets his world far in the future but as the millennium approaches his vision is revealed as our comfortable nightmare now.
The company arrives in the Netherlands on a wave of packed houses and excellent press reviews from across Europe and Asia. Sometimes a piece of theatre rises above cultural entertainment and hits a nerve. Many people have felt that this version of Huxley’s masterpiece has done just that.

The production uses a techno-big band inspired electric score by renowned composer Paul Flush. Paul Stebbings’ directs the powerful drama using a broad sweep of dance, masks, wrap around sound, comedy, satire, drama and sensuality combined in a high powered tragedy that in the words of the German press “hold the audience in a vice like grip from the first moment of the performance”. The phrase “Oh brave new “world is taken from Shakespeare, who’s TEMPEST is the novel’s inspiration. This production wraps the Shakespearean nightmare in contemporary form, drawing on talk show, CNN style TV coverage, cult raves and the boundaries of genetic engineering. This is science fiction far removed from STAR WARS. This BRAVE NEW WORLD is upon us.

Duration: circa 2 hrs and 10 minutes, including intermission
Age group: 14 – 80Szene aus BRAVE NEW WORLD

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Montag, 01.10.2012